Thursday, June 29, 2006

man bites dog

Looking for reviews of film Shoot the Messenger I came across a lovely headline from the LA Times: Top cop tried to shoot messenger (June 25, 2006). Sadly the online headline is less interesting but here's the story. If you think you can do better check out Man Bites Dog, for budding Sun reporters everywhere.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vive, vive, Cote d'Ivoire!

To highlight global poverty during the World Cup, the World Development Movement has come up with Who Should I Cheer For?, a handy guide to which countries are most supportable in terms of, among other factors, poverty, aid, military spending and human rights. The site also lists separate rankings for each category. Statistics are sourced from the
UN Development Report, OECD, World Bank, Transparency International and the FT, so it's a great shortcut for those niggly country comparison questions. Ghana to win!

The Guardian is, like, sooo gay

Last week the BBC complaints committee ruled in favour of Chris Moyles, deciding that the word gay was acceptable yoof speak for "lame or rubbish" (Evening Standard). It seems unfortunate then that Stuart Jeffries of the Guardian should choose to describe the Canadian marriage of Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger as "gay in every sense of the word". Or is the paper not as liberal as it makes out?