Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What will libraries be banning in 2006?

Last month the British library banned pens (recap here). This was closely followed by the announcement that libraries in Dallas will be permitted to remove readers considered too smelly under new guidelines. The rules prohibit visitors from “emitting odours (including bodily odours or perfumes), which interfere with the use of services by others”. A number of other activities deemed inappropriate will also be banned, including fighting, walking barefoot, eating, sleeping, sexual intercourse and using your mobile phone. Proponents say the move, which is supported by the American Libraries Association (ALA), will help make libraries more welcoming. However, homeless groups have responded angrily, suggesting the rule purposefully targets some of the most vulnerable members of society (and students). ( Read more here.)

Watch this space for the first library ban of 2006 . . . .

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